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Freddy Trujillo - Sketch of a Man

Freddy's third brilliant album is a slightly calmer affair but still as varied as his last albums and great production again with Luther Russell. This is Freddy's early days autobiography about what made him in California before he moved up to Portland. Stories about his first car, his first apartment, playing with Pat Smear of the Germs/Nirvana, his relationship with Kim Pilkington from Love Dolls and so much more. Full on story telling here with music that would find its way onto equally some later Sly Stone, albums, Big Star and some East LA tunes and some that could only be Freddy. Make sure you check out his previous two albums which are equally as amazing. Please NOTE these cds will not ship until July 10th when we get in the stock along with his LPs

1. 73 Capri
2.Sketch of a Man
3.Film I've Never Seen
5.Kim Pilkington
6.Use-Ta Believe
7.The Havenhurst
8.Sins of the Father
9.The Cage
10.Simi Valley

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