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The Delines - The Sea Drift -on CD, LP and download

The band's third lp 'The Sea Drift' is finally here after another lengthy wait but it is worth it. Written around the Gulf Coast of Texas the new lp features the classic line up of Amy Boone (vocals) Willy Vlautin (Guitar, Vocals, songwriting) Freddy Trujillo (bass), Sean Oldham (percussion and vocals), Cory Gray (arrangements, keyboards and trumpet) and produced by and featuring John Morgan Askew. Recorded in Portland, Oregon at Scenic Burrows. Tracks
1.Little Earl 2.Kid Codeine 3.Drowning In Plain Sight 4.All Along The Ride 5.Lynett's Lament 6.Hold Me Slow (not on vinyl) 7.Surfers In Twlight 8.Past The Shadows 9.This Ain't No Getaway 10.Saved From The Sea 11. The Gulf Drift Lament.
We have 13 copies of the Rough Trade edition with bonus disc here for sale, no regular copies left
PLEASE NOTE ALL LPS are the original mastered version and do not include Hold Me Slow which is the cd only, vinyl purchases get it on a download with bonus tracks. LP orders via the shop include digital download.
Our vinyl is black!