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Chuck Prophet - The Land That Time Forgot LP and CD

Chuck is San Francisco's savior-songwriter and has returned with his new album The Land That Time Forgot. Varying from the rich heartland rock of songs like "Best Shirt On," to the building drum machine of "Marathon" and all the way back to stripped back words and guitar of "Nixonland" and "Get Off the Stage," Prophet's work defies classification. Chuck Prophet is a rock and roll star in a country that has forgotten that it needs rock and roll stars. America turns its popular musicians into celebrities (as if that's what we need more of). Meanwhile, the true grit, write it like you live it and live it 'til it kills you musical artist exists in obscurity, kicking ass and taking names in small clubs every night while sweating blood over making records. Thankfully, we live in the same timeline as Chuck Prophet. 1.Best Shirt On 2.High As Johnny Thunders 3.Marathon 4.Paying My Respects to the Train 5.Willie and Nilli 6. Fast Kid 7. Love Doesnt Come From A Barrel of a Gun 8.Nixonland 9.Meet Me At the Roundabout 10.Womankind 11.Waving Goodbye 12.Get Off the Stage