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Eyelids - The Accidental Falls - pre-order for Feb 14th release Limited edition with book, LP, cd and download

On The Accidental Falls Portland, Oregon’s Eyelids, one of rock’s best-kept secrets, step firmly out from the considerable shadow cast by the band members’ second-to-none pedigrees earned from time spent in Guided By Voices, The Decemberists, Stephen Malkmus and Elliott Smith’s bands. Produced by REM iconoclast Peter Buck , mixed by Tucker Martine and featuring lyrics written by Tim Buckley collaborator Larry Beckett over the last 40 years, including a co-write with Tim. The Accidental Falls features a bountiful cacophony of gorgeously shimmering riffs and songs so delectably crafted that all who value the electric guitar (three to be exact) as a source of joy and rock and roll. Eyelids’ fourth album finds the outfit as both stewards of a classic sound (Chiltonites and disciples of early REM will fall hard for this project) and accomplished artists propelling their craft to thrilling new heights. Their first album was released by Tim Burgess on his label but the last two albums did not receive a European release. The Accidental Falls casts a hypnotic spell over the listener and triumphantly reminds us, hearts fully on sleeves, why we fell in love with rock n’ roll in the first place. Limited edition is on coloured vinyl with lyrics book and all signed

2.The Accidental Falls
4.The Minutes (lead track)
7.At Sea
8.Found at the Scene of a Renedzvous That Failed
9.Starlight (Limelight Machine)
10.Mermaid Blues