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Chuck Prophet - Night Surfer compact disc and vinyl lp

Yet another masterpiece from Chuck Prophet, we dont know how he does it but this, his 11th proper studio album ( yeah he has released more live albums and special projects plus that band Green on Red) This album got the usual praise from Q, UNCUT and Mojo and through out Europe where his concerts keep getting bigger and better. Peter Buck is featured on a few tracks here and that never hurts! Night Surfer was recorded in Prophet’s hometown of San Francisco at Decibelle Recording Studio and in Nashville at Alex the Great with noted producer Brad Jones and was mixed in upstate New York by Paul Q Kolderie. Of the album, Prophet comments, “This record is loosely conceptual but universal all the same. It’s all about a path forward, about looking around and imagining where we’ll be in 20 years if we just follow that path. And of course, you’ll find a persistent anxiety throughout; we live, after all, in anxious times. As John Murry told me after a first listen, ‘It brings a tear to the eye and blood to the johnson.’” So yeah, a new record, new sound. It’s got it’s own groove with in your face guitars that snake and harmonize. They jangle too, thanks in no small part to special guest Peter Buck.”

1. Countrified Inner City Technological Man
2. Wish Me Luck
3. Guilty As A Saint
4. They Don’t Know About Me and You
5. Lonely Desolation
6. Laughing On The Inside
7. If I Was A Baby
8. Ford Econoline
9. Felony Glamour
10. Tell Me Anything (Turn To Gold)
11. Truth Will Out (Ballad of Melissa and Remy)
12. Love Is The Only Thing