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Richmond Fontaine - Live At The Doug Fir Lounge

This is a download only of Richmond Fontaine's third ever tour/mailorder only cd. CDs of this are currently trading hands for £40 but we have the audio only here at a friendly price. This was recorded in their home town just at Burnside's Doug Fir Lounge. You can download the album in the following formats ALAC, FLAC, MP3-320, MP3-VBR and AAC-256

1.Welhorn Yards
2.Exit 194B
3.Laramie, Wyoming
4.Don’t Look and it Won’t Hurt
6.The Warehouse Life
7.Black Road
8.Barely Losing
11.Montgomery Park
12.Post to Wire
13.Haven’t Got Forever
14.Making it Back
15.Always on the Ride
16.The Janitor
17.Casino Lights