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Willy Vlautin - Northline - signed first edition with cd soundtrack!

Willy Vlautin's second novel to date and from what we know the first ever book with a compeltely original soundtrack made by the authour. Authour George Pelecanos says 'The American novel that i've been hoping to find [it] shines with naked honesty and unsentimental humanity.'
About the book
Fleeing Las Vegas and her abusive boyfriend, Allison Johnson moves to Reno, intent on making a new life for herself. But haunted by the mistakes of her past, and lacking any self-belief, her only comfort seems to come from the imaginary conversations she has with her hero, Paul Newman. But, as life crawls on and she finds work, small acts of kindness do start to reveal themselves and slowly the chance of a new life begins to emerge. Full of memorable characters and imbued with a beautiful sense of yearning, "Northline" is an extraordinary portrait of small-town America and an emotional tour de force from an author praised for his 'compassion and warmth' ("The Times").
The cd is by Willy and Paul Brianard but also features all the other members of Richmond Fontaine, it is all instrumental and is one of the most beautiful things you have ever heard, in the vein of Paris Texas but far better. It will only be in the first pressing and features 14 tracks
1.Northline (main theme) 2. The Busboys from the Horseshow 3.Jimmy Bodie 4. A Confession to T.J. Watson 5. The Bus Ride to Reno 6. Her Sister Calls from Mexico 7.Doc Holidays 8. Paul Newman Saves The Night 9. The Walk to Vern's Tattoo Parlor 10.Dan Mahony Walks Alison Johnson to Work 11. The Night that never Goes Away 12. Waiting on the Bench 13.A New Life 14.Northline Reprise