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Chuck Prophet - Let Freedom Ring

Chuck wrote these songs last summer in one long spurt in San Francisco with the window open wide during a rare heat wave. Dwight Twilley, Iggy, Thin Lizzy and the Knack were blaring out the Hi-fi. It is as anxious a time as any for the life, death, rebirth and future of the American Dream. A concept album emerged around this dream. The songs were immediate and called for guitars and more guitars and needed to be recorded somewhere raw and energizing.

Recorded down in Mexico City, The Biggest City in the World , Recorded at Estudio 19, a state-of-the-art studio with Greg Leisz (Beck, Wilco, Emmylou Harris) co-producing. Chuck played his Fender Squire, Kelly Stoltz on backing vocals, Rusty Miller (Jason Lyte’s band) played bass while Drummer Ernest "Boom" Carter turned his sticks into kindling. Carter played on Springsteen's "Born To Run"
1. Song Liston’s Blues 2. What Can A Mother Do 3. Where The Hell Is Henry? 4. Let Freedom Ring! 5. You and Me Baby (Holding On) 6. American Man 7. Barely Exist 8. Hot Talk 9. Love Won’t Keep Us Apart 10. Good Time Crowd 11. Leave The Window