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Richmond Fontaine - Winnemucca compact disc or vinyl lp


UNCUT puts it in the top of the reissues of 2004 and calls it brilliant. 4 stars. This is right up there with Post to Wire as an amazing album by the band with some of their strongest work. This was originally released back in 2002 as the band's 4th album. It has some of their most amazing work on it and if you like Post to Wire or Freeway you will love this album. The new vinyl version is in a gatefold sleeve with an extra track! pressed on 180grams of pure vinyl!
The vinyl version of the album will exclusively include a track recorded at the Winnemucca sessions, El Rancho. Here's what Willy wrote:

"El Rancho" This is a song we toiled over for weeks during the Winnemucca sessions. Two chords and boy did we toil! We tried a bunch of different things, dressed it up in a handful of different suits, but in the end we decided the song just wasn’t right for the record. Maybe we were too close to it or just plain worn out by it. In hindsight I think we were wrong to leave it off, but now luckily it’s found its way back home. –Willy Vlautin

El Rancho will be the first track on side two.

"Theirs are amongst the only records to emerge that seem to have taken on the mantle of Waits and Springsteen; writers who mattered, who you gave a damn about." --Comes With a Smile.
1.Winners Casino 2.Out of State 3.Northline 4.Santiam 5.Twyla 6.Patty's Retreat 7.Glisian Street 8.Somewhere Near 9.5 Degrees Below Zero 10.Western Skyline