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Franz Nicolay - Major General

Franz Nicolay's debut album got a UNCUT debut album of the Month. It is fantastic and one of the best things we've heard around here for a long time. If you like Franz's other bands:The Hold Steady and World Inferno Society you will love this but it also has a ton of other influences with the likes of Thin Lizzy, Elvis Costello, Scott Walker, Brel, AMC and not to forget some punk rock for good measure. An album that name checks's Mark Eitzel's "Songs of Love" has to be great with us. Listen to some of the sample tracks for yourself. The album is produced by James Frazee and sounds fantasic loud. The European pressing features two tracks not on the US cd and is in a lovely digipack with a 12 page booklet so dont just download it.
1.Jeff Penalty 2.Hey Dad! 3.World/Inferno vs The End of the Evening 4.Dead Sailors 5.Do We not Live in Dreams? 6.Confessions of an Ineffective Casanova 7.Quiet Where I Lie 8.Note on A Subway Wall 9.Nightratsong 10.X-Games 11.This World Is An Open Door 12.Cease-Fire, or, Mrs Norman Maine 13.I'm Done Singing 14. The Black Rose Paladins (bonus track) 15.There Will Be Violins (bonus track)