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Bob Frank & John Murry - World Without End

World Without End" was released on May 3 2007 and is a collection of ten original murder ballads co-written by Bob Frank and John Murry that was produced by Tim Mooney of American Music Club (who drums on the album) and mastered by Matt Pence of Centromatic/South San Gabriel. It contains the contributions of an enormous group of musicians on a multitude of instruments. The songs are based on true-but-forgotten tales of murder, death, and suicide. Producer Jim Dickinson calls Bob Frank "the greatest songwriter you never heard". The duo was to tour Europe twice after the release of the album which recieved amazing reviewings across Europe. John Murry's new album is up for the UNCUT shortlist and has recieved an 9/10.

On the band:

You ask, who the hell is Bob Frank? Well there is a great story behind this man; he is a well kept secret and a legend of sorts. Bob had initially lived in Nashville with a young John Hiatt in the sixties where they were both writing for Tree Music for $25 a week. His self titled debut album was released in 1972 on the legendary folk label Vanguard which now fetches up to $100. He toured in ‘71/72 with Tim Buckley, Townes Van Zandt and Lightnin Hopkins,. He was soon kicked off Vanguard after publicly venting his anger with label boss Seymour Solomon on his New York Press show (now there’s a way to win over friends!) Bob then went back to song writing for the likes of John Renbourne and eventually quit recording music in the mid 70s. Bob’s second album came out thirty years later and was produced by none other than Jim Dickinson producer of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Big Star and the Replacements. Jim knew Bob from his days as a Memphis session hand where Bob, a native of Memphis was treading the same boards. Like Vashti Bunyan did a few years back, Bob Frank is set to make a major comeback in 2007/2008. We are also looking to re-release his first Vanguard album

Bob’s partner in crime is John Murry, who’s great grandfather is none other than William Faulkner and a Tupelo giant half Bob’s age. John has been a member of the Dillingers and Lucero and recently just recorded an Waylon Jennings album with Chuck Prophet. Bob and John met up last year and formed their plan for new Murder Ballads from their new home in San Francisco.
Track Listing
1.Little Wiley Harpe, 1803 6.Madeline, 1796
2.Joaquin Murietta, 1853 7.Jesse Washington, 1916
3.Boss Weatherford, 1933 8.Kid Curry, 1904
4.Bubba Rose, 1961 9.Tupelo, Mississippi, 1936
5.Madeline, 1796 10.Doc Cunningham, 1868

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