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Jerry Joseph - The Beautiful Madness (backed by Drive by Truckers) double vinyl, cd, download

Jerry Joseph's first release ever in the UK is produced by Patterson Hood and backed by all the Drive by Truckers as well as Jason Isbell (the first time he has recorded with the Truckers in over 10 years) Jerry and the Truckers go way back when the Drive By Truckers supported Jerry on some of their first tours in the US. While Jerry has been touring the US and rest of the world for years he has only played a few shows in the UK including supporting Richmond Fontaine on their farewell tour in 2016. Patterson Hood and Jason Isbell think he is one of the best songwriters and performers ever. Recorded at Matt Patton’s studio, Dial Back Sound, in Water Valley, Mississippi with all the Truckers taking part this is Jerry’s strongest ever songwriting and written over a period of years traveling the world where Jerry also runs guitar school charities for children in the war zones of Iraq, Syria etc which was recently covered by Rolling Stone US and France. Normal black vinyl only now. His live shows are a force to be reckoned with and will be touring into 2021 throughout Europe including supporting the Delines as well as supporting Drive by Truckers. Vinyl is triple sided with the 4th side blank. Tracks are Tracks
1.Days of Heaven
2.Bone Towers
3.Full Body Echo
4.San Acacia
5.(I'm In Love With) Hyrum Black
7.Sugar Smacks
8.Dead Confederate
9.Black Star Line