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Willy Vlautin (Richmond Fontaine) Northline soundtrack on cd and LP -

The beautiful soundtrack to Willy's novel 'Northline' will finally be released on vinyl with a limited edition of only 500 copies. The album features all original members of Richmond Fontaine and comes with a printed insert. We will also have a limited edition of it on cd. It will be at a special price where you can get it in time to have Willy autograph it at his shows.
Tracks on Northline
Side A
1.Northline Main Theme
2.The Bus Boys From the Horseshoe
3.Jimmy Bodie
4.A Confession to T.J. Watson
5.The Bus Ride to Reno
6.Her Sister Calls from Mexico
7.A New Life
8. Northline Reprise
Side B
1. Doc Holidays
2.Paul Newman Save’s The Night
3.The Walk To Vern’s Tattoo Pallor
4.Dan Mahony Walks Allison Johnson Home
5.The Night That Never Goes Away
6.Waiting on the Bench