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Fernando - Leave The Radio On

3 years in the making, Leave The Radio On features a virtual who’s who of Portland Oregon’s finest musicians, including Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey as well as members of M.Ward, Elliott Smith, Richmond Fontaine and The Delines. This is a new chapter in Viciconte’s ever-evolving musical trajectory, a career marked by creative integrity and an almost painful honesty which attracts fans from high and low that still believe in the redemptive power of rock and roll. This is Fernando's 8th studio album and is set for release in Jan 2016 in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Asia but we will have some stock for purchase here so you dont have to buy US imports early this October. You can pre-order copies now
1.Save Me
2.The Dogs
3.El Interior
4.So Loud
5.Friends and Enemies
6.The Freak
7.Kingdome Come
8.Burned Out Love
9.White Trees
10.In Their Heads
11. Leave The Radio On