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Mark Eitzel - The Eitzel Ordeal - The Konk Sessions

Mark's newest tour cd recorded at the end of his last European mega tour. Limited to 850 copies total in a card sleeve world wide and Mark brought some over for us to sell from his stock so there are not a lot left. All the tracks were recorded live with very little treatment afterwards, including some great new arrangements with his European band. The cd also features three bonus live tracks from Bristol and Cork. If you saw the last tour, which was his best in over 10 years, you will love this. Pick up yours asap before it is too late. Limited copies of Glory tour cd still avail. THIS IS NOT A DECOR RELEASE
The Konk Sessions
1. What The World Holds Together
2. Mission Rock
3. I Love You But You’re Dead
4. The Dead Part of You
5. Why I’m Bullshit
6. We All Have to Find Our Own Way Out
7. Apology For An Accident
8. Costume Characters Face Dangers in the Workplace
9. Decibels and Little Pills
10. Oh Mercy
11. Blue and Grey Shirt
12. Western Sky (live Fleece Bristol March 2013)
13. Patriot’s Heart (live Fleece, Bristol 2013)
14. Bad Liquor (live Cyprus Ave, Cork Feb 2013)