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Richmond Fontaine - $87 and a guilty conscience that gets worse the longer I go

Richmond Fontaine's first mini album which recieved 4 stars in both Mojo and UNCUT is one of decor's fav Fontaine release to date with the only studio versions of such live favs as The Water Wars and The Gits It is an limited edition of 4000 copies and we only have about 110 copies left. Housed in a digipak and features two videos taken from the making of the album Thirteen Cities.The majority of the tracks were also taken from these sessions in Arizona. Some of the songs are different versions from Thirteen Cities but it also contains 4 songs unvailable anywhere else. A bargin at this new price

1.$87 and a guilty conscience that gets worse the Longer I go 2.Song For James Welch 3.Kid From Belmont St gets left on Colfax St Denver, Co. 4.The Water Wars 5.Moving Back Home #1 6.The Gits 7.Wilson Dunlop 8.$43.50 9.El Tiradito video 10.Becoming a Ghost I Became - video doc