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Mark Eitzel - Candy Ass

released 3rd October 2006 on Cooking Vinyl, "Candy Ass" would have been far more at home on Warp. Originally meant to be a tour only mail order cd, Mark lays a few acoustic based tracks which are instant classics 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'My Pet Rat St Michael' alongside tracks that sound more akin to Boards of Canada or Autechre. Many of the instrumental tracks came from a soundtrack Mark had been working on. It is a beautiful album with 4 instrumental tracks along side 8 vocal tracks.
1. My Pet Rat Is St Michael 2. Cotton Candy Tenth Power 3. Make Sure They Hear 4. Sleeping Beauty 5. Loving Tribute to My City 6. Homeland Pastoral 7. Roll Away My Stone 8. Green Eyes 9. Cobh 10. I Am Fassbinder 11. Song of the Mole 12. Guitar Lover