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Mark Eitzel - Klamath

‘Klamath’ first proper solo album of new original material since 2001 Invisible Man on Matador. UNCUT Magazine calls it his best solo album ever.

Written and recorded in a log cabin in the middle of the woods - by the Klamath river, California.  Mark says about writing the album:

“I wandered around for a couple of weeks in this untouched forest and decided I would make a record that included the stillness - the vicious beauty - I heard there. I had not felt this way for a long time. I should have made another American Music Club record for the label - but didn’t hear drums and big electric guitars. Klamath is a simple record. I am a simple man. Or I wanna be. It's the kind of record i would want to listen to.”

Eitzel producing with Franz Nicolay from the Hold Steady and Marc Capelle from American Music Club and Dave Douglas (who drums with Kelley Stoltz) guesting on the album. The pastoral – laid back, late night sparse feel to the album harkens back to Eitzel’s folk influences of Nick Drake and John Martyn and earlier work with AMC. 

1.Buried Treasure
2.Like A River That’s Reaching the Sea
3.The Blood on My Hands
4.I Miss You
5.I Know There Is Someone Waiting
6.What Do You Got For Me
7.The White of Gold
8.I Live In This Place
9.Why I’m Bullshit
12.Ronald Koal Was a Rock Star