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Mark Eitzel - Don't Be A Stranger

Mark Eitzel of American Music Club returns from his longest absence with his sixth solo album proper (he has also released numerous mail order, covers and side project albums as well as 9 albums with AMC)
Over the last three years Mark’s life was thrown upside down. While working on demos to the new American Music Club album tragedy struck with Mark suffering a serious heart attack that forced him to bed rest for months where he re-evaluated his life. Mark decided the demos would work better as solo project than a AMC album and abandoned the recordings. Then luck struck, a friend who had just won the lottery decided to lend Mark a hand by loaning him the money to record his album in a proper studio with an outside producer, real strings, real everything. The producer that brought Mark’s vision was the brilliant Sheldon Gomberg (Rickie Lee Jones, Ron Sexsmith) “Don’t Be A Stranger” is Mark’s first properly produced solo album of new material since ‘The Invisible Man’ in 2001 (2008 Klamath being recorded by himself and not released in the US) Featuring the likes of Pete Thomas from the Attractions on drums, Vudi from American Music Club on guitar plus a full string section


1.I Love You But You’re Dead
2.I Know The Bill Is Due
3.All My Love
4.Oh Mercy
5.Costumed Characters Face Dangers While At the Workplace
6.Why Are You With Me?
7.Lament for Bobo The Clown
8.Break The Champagne
9.We All Have To Find Our Own Way Out
10.You’re Waiting
11.Nowhere to Run

Digital bonus tracks at an extra cost not on LP, CD (£1.79 total for both tracks)
1.Things Slip Through Your Hands
2.In Your House

You can download the album in the following formats ALAC, FLAC, MP3-320, MP3-VBR and AAC-256